Do You Really Need To Rebrand? The answer might ot be what you think…


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Have you been feeling in your gut a rebrand will be the answer to all your problems? 

Here’s the thing, there are many facets to a brand. From a logo, website, content and collateral. 

The best way to TRULY know where your marketing dollars are best spent for the most impact is to perform an audit of your existing brand.

In this episode, Rowena chats about the questions you can ask yourself to dig deeper. And the answers you get might surprise you.

So if you want to know if you should rebrand then this is the episode for you!

Gemma 0:23
Hello, hello, welcome. Happy Friday afternoon. Happy bevvy o’clock! Welcome you wonderful humans. As always, I hope you’ve had an amazing week. Now it’s time to grab your bevvy of choice, sit down, put your feet up, and enjoy. Now it’s that time again, where Work Wife Wine Time comes to you with a bonus marketing episode. Which means you have the absolute pleasure of spending the next little while with me, with Gemma, the marketing guru, nerd, whatever word people are using these days.

Now, what I’m talking to you about today, again without sounding boring, is human centred marketing. So what that means to you, and for your business is reconnecting with your why and not forgetting your humans. Now, if you listened to my bonus episode, of marketing strategy, if not, please go back and listen to it. It was an awesome one. The way we’re in the world now today is very digital. So people are craving real humans, a connection with a real human. So, let me put it this way to begin with when I’m speaking about reconnecting with your why. So I’ll put it this way for you. Let me ask you, are you passionate about what you believe and what you do in your business? If so, then get back to your roots. Okay, because, look, we’re all busy. We understand that at Work Wife Wine Time a woman running a business means we wear many hats. We say it all the time, we’re doing all of the things. On top of business, we could be cleaning and cooking and taking kids to school and trying to read and trying to watch Netflix and trying to enjoy a glass of wine, exercising, yoga, you name it, we really do do all of the things. So because we’re so busy, often if you’re like most people, you’ve forgotten or you’re not thinking about your business values, your business mission.

So go back because your business mission is your why. So reconnect with your ‘why’, light a flame again, in your passion, and release it to the world. So for example, go back and visit, who are you? Why did you start your business? What motivates and drives you? And remember your purpose. Remember your purpose for what you’re doing in your business, why you’re doing it? And then have it at the heart of everything you do. Now, what does that mean? What will happen by doing that? Your realness, your why, your purpose of your business, will absolutely illuminate. You’ll be getting yourself out there and it will just shine. And it’s going to make you a real human and not just a business. Now what will happen if you do this, you’ll create a connection. So this is what human centric marketing is all about. Human centred marketing. It’s connecting with real humans.

Now once you create that connection, you’re going to start to understand other people more, you’re going to start to really understand your humans, your followers, your clients, your customers. And again, like I said earlier and in one of my other podcast episodes, we’re in a really, almost lost digital world, where sometimes we’re not sure if we’re talking to a real human, or a robot human. We’re in such an automated world, and we feel we need to actually reconnect with the real humans that are out there. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s completely okay to automate things in your business, of course, because we want more time. We want to get back to doing the things we love doing. But at the same time, you absolutely cannot forget your humans.

Now, let’s talk about this back at its core. So, again, I want to ask you a question. Why do you like a person? Okay. Is it because of their qualifications? Is it because of who they work for? What they do for a living? God heck, no! It’s because they’re human. Because they’re relatable. So as a human in business, and in life, you’ve failed, and you’ve won. You’re not perfect. A person might make you smile and laugh and that’s why you love them. They support you, they challenge you and most of all, people that you love are honest, because they’re being them. So think about this, if this is how you connect with someone, then this is how you really should or you should be in your business. If this is how you connect with a person, then this is the person you need to be in your business to create that human centred marketing. Because let’s think about this.

Your business isn’t a human. So you’re not going to connect with people that way. Okay. Your business is just intellectual property. It’s a fictional thing. It is and it isn’t depending on how you look at it. But your actual business is intellectual property. What makes it what it is, is the person behind it, or the people behind it, the humans. And this is why you need to connect with them. So first of all, what you need to do as part of human centred marketing, and that approach, you really need to put yourself in a very open mindset, which is learning. So the number one thing is being empathetic. And really understanding the people out there and the people following you, what they want to see from you and you, not your business, what they want to see from you. Because at the end of the day, they’re buying you, right? Yes and no, they’re buying the results that you’re going to give them. They’re also buying you because they’re relating with you, not with intellectual property you.

So the first thing to do if you want to create this approach, so you’ve gone back and you’ve reconnected with your why, you’ve revisited your why and you’ve opened up and you’ve started listening, and you’ve started understanding. So the number one thing to do once you’re really truly connecting with people, outside of your automation, outside of all of that, is to listen. So let me give you an example.

Are you listening to your clients when they’re going through the experience of working with you? So this really brings me to a really important bit of marketing is feedback. You should be always asking your customers, your clients, you humans for their feedback, you know, what did they enjoy about working with you? What could you improve? All of those sorts of questions. Because what does this mean? This means as a customer or client, if someone’s asking me for their feedback, it means that, “Oh, this person wants to hear me. I’m going to be heard.” So you’ve had an amazing experience with this human, you’ve sold them a product, a service, you’ve worked with them, whatever it is that you’ve done with them, ask them how they enjoyed that experience. What did they like and what didn’t they like? Because they’re going to feel heard. And it’s such an important part of making your marketing human centred. And they’ll really, then they’ll be more likely to see your business and you as someone who understands them, and what’s more important, cares about their views. It goes back to basic human instinct, if you want to look at it that way. You know, we want to be loved, we’re pack animals, we really crave being a part of something. So if you’ve asked someone for their feedback, you’re going to be known as a business that really cares about their views and what they think. And really channelling this sort of empathy for your clients or for your customers, then is going to grow your business in ways that you’re going to grow. Because what’s the best thing about asking your customers and your clients for feedback?

You can then action, that feedback. And you’re going to make their experience with you next time. And let me tell you, you’ll have a next time because you’ve just created that connection with them. And they’ve felt heard, and they’ve felt listened, and they’ve felt like you’re a human, connecting with them as being a human. They’re going to love that. So they are going to work with you again, whether it’s tomorrow, next year, in 10 years, they will come back to you. And their experience, the next time will be better. And they’ll see that you’ve actioned and changed what it is that they gave you feedback about, which also means you’re going to create a far better experience for your next new customer.

And this is how we start to create and evolve our businesses. This is how you’re really going to open up so you’ve reconnected with your why, and you’re being human out in the digital space, in the digital world, where we just get confused sometimes between what’s a bot as they say, what’s a bot account, what’s an Instagram bot speaking to us, or if this is a real human speaking to us. And you know, it’s just getting into bigger, confused, clouded world of fakeness. And then real human business you pops out. Your intellectual property that’s your business, but human you pops out and you’ve connected. And you’ve done that, because you’ve revisited your why. And you’ve opened up your passion, and your uniqueness and you’re being you. And you’ve connected and you’ve grown those connections and the people and they’re coming to you, then they’ve worked with you. And you’ve started to be empathetic with them. And this is such an important part of human centred marketing is that empathy, of that connection and understanding and wanting to be human. Humans connecting with humans. And then you’ve started to listen and listening creates realness. It creates connection.


And it’s also a really important part even of copywriting. So this is one of those many, many, many, many times where marketing copywriting just absolutely intertwine with each other. And why great copywriters are also marketers, and we understand all of that– the humans the consumer buying behaviour and all target audiences, all bits and pieces of marketing. We’ve learnt that, we get that, we’re qualified in that so then we create and become amazing copywriters because of that connection.

So this brings me to my next point of being you, like in that past podcast episode, and sharing your experiences. Because, again, that creates such a human connection. If you’re sharing experiences, not only your good ones, but your bad ones. Something you’ve done that’s really stupid. And you’ve put that out into the internet land, into the world of the interwebs and you’ve spoken about it like, “Yeah, this happened. Learnt from it.” Boom, you’re instantly a human then. Because we’ve all either done stupid things, or things were not that proud of, but it makes us human. And that way, you’re going to connect with humans and bring them in that way, through your marketing being centred on other humans.

Because let me tell you something, again, that will blow your mind. Your business isn’t human, you make it human. It’s not your logo. It’s not your services. Like I said earlier: That’s intellectual property, it’s not a human. You doing you, being you, showing your passion of your why is what makes you human. And then it’s what connects– human centred marketing is about connection. Connecting with others.

So you’re what connects, your what sells, and you’re what grows your business. And this is where human centred marketing is just becoming more and more important, because once you’ve created that connection, and you’re showing that empathy, and you’re listening to your customers and your clients, you’re just going to grow your business. It’s such an important part of marketing these days is connecting, being human. And if you’re thinking right now, “I don’t have stories to share,” let me tell you, you do. Because what makes us really unique as humans over other animals, is actually our ability to imagine. We all have imaginations, we all think of fantasy things and things that aren’t real, which translates into us as humans as being storytellers, real storytellers.

We all tell stories, we all gossip, and we all share knowledge. This is what social media really is about. It’s the foundations of it almost come from this, that entire human connection, people on social media craving connection, they want to hear stories, they want to gossip, which is why you’re going to get the trolls and the horrible comments. But you’re also going to get the great comments. And we share knowledge, and this is what grows us and evolves us as humans, the people that you’re working with. What’s growing and evolving your business is us, is our humans.

So I got a little bit carried away there. But I guess there you go. That’s something I’m super passionate about. So see how that just– it creates everything and it will just grow your business. So if you’re thinking, “Oh, I don’t know if I really have many things to share on social media,” or, “What’s going to make me human?” So think about what life experiences do you have? What mistakes have you made? Have you tried something and failed at it and then tried again? What’s something that you find really funny? What about an experience that changed your life, an experience that changed your business? And throughout your entire however old you are years of being a human, being alive, being a person, what have you learned and why?

Okay, so think about those questions. Because these experiences, answering these questions and telling all of these stories and sharing all of this knowledge, makes you human. Because you regret, you fail, you learn but you come up stronger, you keep on going, you keep pushing through, you do stupid things, I know you do, because I do. But sharing these experiences, they make you human, they make you relatable, and they connect you with other humans. And this is all about what human centred marketing is, is going back and being human, and stepping outside of, you know– my business name is Contently Driven, stepping outside of that, and being the human that is that. And it really just does, it grows your business, because you are– it’s a part of you, you’re all of you.

In my podcast episode when I spoke about marketing strategy and being you, and if you’re like most business owners, you may be having a disconnect, between trying to be a business you and not being you. But again, it’s not reconnecting with your why and your values and your purpose of going into business. And just letting that go and connecting that with real humans. And this is just the beauty of human centred marketing and why it’s so important now. The connection, the empathy, and the listening and it really, really does change everything.

So I really hope you enjoyed that podcast. So why don’t you start to think about human centred marketing, okay, reconnect with your why, go back to work, relight that fire, relight the fire that fueled your reason, your why, your purpose of going into your business, and then release that out to the world, through your marketing avenues, whether it’s your social media, whether it’s your blogging, whether it’s on your website, a podcast, whatever marketing you’re doing, release that out to the world. And then watch your humans come in to you. And once they’re coming into you, listen to them. Be empathetic of them, ask them for feedback, what can you do better? What would you like to see from me? And they’re going to feel heard and nurtured and cared about that you want to understand them. You want their views, and it’s great. And human centred marketing is just amazing.

Okay, so really think about putting that in your business and watch it grow. Absolutely, watch it grow. Because even if you’re a big, massive multinational brand. They do all of this, because it’s people that buy their products. Even if it’s the big, big, big brands that we all know, they’re asking for feedback, they’re connecting with humans, they’re creating events that’s all centred around humans so that too can be human. Human centred marketing, there’s nothing more important these days in such a digital, confusing, who’s-human-who’s-not world so open your minds to that, and start to think about creating your business, focusing on the humans, the people you’re actually working with. And watch your business grow.

Well, speaking of humans, thank you, you lovely humans out there who joined me today and listened. Thank you so much. As always, all of you amazing female entrepreneurs, business owners, women in business, humans, whoever you are out there listening, thank you so much for being here. And remember, collaboration over competition. It’s going to grow your business. Reconnect with your humans. And don’t forget at Work Wife Wine Time we’re here for you, because we get it.