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Gemma 0:15
There we go.

Angela 0:36
We can put record if you like.

Gemma 0:39
Okay. Let’s just begin because we’re starting on a roll, hey? Hello, and welcome, everyone to this week’s episode of Work Wife Wine Time. And it’s Gemma here with you today. And I hope you’ve had an awesome week and kicking some butt in your business. So now it’s your time to put up your feet, relax and enjoy this episode. Because you deserve it. Now, today I’m ever so excited to connect you with our guest speaker Angela Lumicisi. Who, yes, if you paid attention to that last name, is the same as mine. And yes, she is my cousin. Let’s find out a bit more about Angela. Welcome.

Angela 1:30
Hello, cousin.

Gemma 1:34
So awesome to have you with us today.

Angela 1:37
Aw, thank you.

Gemma 1:39
Now, can you tell everyone what it is that you do?

Angela 1:44
Okay, would you like the one minute version? Or would you like the half hour version? Because I’ve lived a long life. So, no I’m joking. I’m joking. I’m joking. So we’re here to talk about my business called Discover Your True Voice Communicate With Confidence.

Gemma 1:59
Fantastic and Ange, what are your qualifications?

Angela 2:05
Thank you for asking that Gemma. Oh my god, I literally sound like one of those people like you know on those infomercials, ‘thank you for that Jo.’ And then you go to the next thing. I love those by the way.

Gemma 2:16
Me too. All for them.

Angela 2:17
They’re so funny, like especially when like Magda Szubanski used to do those? Oh Jeanelle, I loved her.

Gemma 2:24
So I dare say I’m a Demtel fan.

Angela 2:31
Oh, my goodness, can you tell that we’re cousins, ladies and gentlemen?

Gemma 2:37
But wait ladies, there’s more.

Angela 2:40
Oh there is so much more! Okay, qualifications, let’s not digress, shall we? So I have my Bachelor of Music. I have my Graduate Diploma of Education. And as recently as a week and a half ago, I just graduated and got my certification in my certificate four in training and assessment for adults.

Gemma 3:03
Fantastic. That’s some awesome achievements in there. What about your past work life? Tell us about that.

Angela 3:12
Oh, wow, that is varied and long. But basically, I’ve been a performing artist and a vocal coach and teacher for about 20 years now. God that makes me feel so old when I say that. You know when you write it and you see like a two in front of the number instead of a one. You’re like, ‘Oh, my goodness.’ That’s a long, long time. But basically, yeah, my main medium for performing was musical theatre. And then basically, for the last five or six years, I’ve been lucky enough to be touring Australia with my own cabaret show.

Gemma 3:53
And it was fabulous.

Angela 3:55
Oh, thank you. Yes, you have seen it, that’s right you did my vox pops, I forgot that.

Gemma 4:00
I did.

Angela 4:01
That’s right. Um, and I was lucky enough to be in the professional production of Wicked, The Musical for two years. So that was very exciting as well. So there’s been that and basically all the way through I’ve been teaching and coaching and getting students ready for auditions or people ready for presentations, or basically, most of my life has been about connecting and helping people communicate.

Gemma 4:29
Mm hmm. That’s fantastic. So then who do you work with when you’re doing that?

Angela 4:37
It varies to be honest. If I’m doing my singing, teaching or vocal coaching for that, it’s usually young adults or people who are getting ready to audition for professional shows. With the Discover Your True Voice business, it’s female entrepreneurs like yourself.

Gemma 5:00
Mm Hmm.

Angela 5:01
And also one of your other co-hosts Mikala, who I’ve been working with getting her ready for some presentations, which has been great. Or one of the other women who I’ve just recently worked with. Jean really wants to stop the gap about women over the age of 55 who are the fastest growing number of homeless people in Australia. And she wants to do something about this and making sure that all women have a home.

Gemma 5:28
That’s pretty amazing.

Angela 5:30
Which is extraordinary. And I helped her with a pitch that she did last week, actually. And oh god, I was like a proud mama bear. I was watching it via Zoom and I was literally like a proud mama bear watching her. She did extraordinary. I was so proud of her, considering the week before she couldn’t get through her speech without crying. She absolutely knocked it out of the park.

Gemma 5:54
That’s fantastic, wonderful news to hear. And can you tell the ladies what brought you to start your own business and work for yourself?

Angela 6:05
Well, being a performing artist, basically, if you aren’t a hustler, or if you don’t make your own work, you don’t work in this industry. Like there’s a very small amount of us who are able to go from big show to big show to big show. A lot of us have to really make our own projects. So I’ve pretty much been working for myself most of my life. So starting this business isn’t actually anything new for me, it’s probably just more of an extension of what I’ve already done. But it’s actually more focused and more funnelled than I think I ever have been, which is really interesting. But also feels right. It just feels so right. Like it feels like everything that I’ve ever studied or performed or practised, has basically been funnelled into this really awesome business that I am so excited about.

Gemma 7:03
That’s fantastic. And can you tell everyone just a little bit about your interests? What does Angela love doing? What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Angela 7:15
Well, my alarm sometimes I’m not gonna lie snooze that sometimes about 10 times. That’s a lie, it’s only five, who can snooze it’s 10 times? Umm, what gets me out of bed, the sun, I tell you what, I mean, I don’t know. I know you’re listeners are all ’round, but we’re from Victoria and the fact that we can actually go outside now for two hours is a reason to get out of the bed. I can tell you that. But what really enlivens me, music. It’s it’s a corny thing to say, but if I don’t have music in my life, I really don’t know what to do. And I’ve been missing seeing shows and going to see bands and catching up with people at bars or even going vintage shopping. Oh, I’ve missed all my vintage clothes. That makes me sound so superficial. But ah, putting on a dress. I don’t even know what that’s like anymore. I haven’t put a dress on in months!

Gemma 8:16
I hear ya, I hear you.

Angela 8:19
This is the most I’ve been in trackies my whole life. And you know I don’t like wearing pants. You know I’m not a pants wearer.

Gemma 8:26
I know, you’re definitely not.

Angela 8:28
And it’s very bizarre. That’s all I’ve been wearing.

Gemma 8:34
So Ange, thanks so much for telling everyone about you. Let’s really dig into the reason for today’s episode about Discovering Your True Voice. So tell us about what is it about and why are you helping women do this?

Angela 8:55
This basically came from– Look, even though singing has been my life pretty much since a very early age, I still struggled to find my own voice when I wanted to speak up about things that were really important to me. And I’ve had to really fight that a lot in my life, not just because of you know, growing up like we have a very big Italian family where if you didn’t speak up, mate, you were never heard.

Gemma 9:24
Mm hmm.

Angela 9:25
But also as a woman, really being comfortable with saying what you wanted to say without the fear of either being told that you were wrong, or that you were too loud, or that you were angry, or anything like that. And I’m very lucky with the fact that I’ve had a lot of really supportive people around me, mostly women, who made me believe that what I had to say was important and empowered me to say that and I’m lucky that I’ve got the skills. I’m lucky that I’ve got the confidence to help other people with that and I want to empower women to get over their fears of whatever’s going on in their mind about ‘I shouldn’t be saying this’ or ‘why would someone want to hear me,’ mate, if you’ve started your own business, you already want to be heard. Stop being in the shadows, you’re ready! If you weren’t ready to have your voice heard, you would not start a business, you would not put a product out there.

Gemma 10:28
That’s wonderful. I love it, I love it. I hope we’re all paying attention to that, ladies, the true words there from Ange.

Angela 10:38
Well, it is true! Even working with these two women that I’ve worked with, even Mik, now all she wants to do is talk. Now she’s like, ‘I want to find more places that I can present.’ And that is so heartening for me to hear, because giving that empowerment to someone else, and making them believe what they’re saying is important, but also them enjoying it. That’s the thing. It’s not about just believing it. But if you’re not enjoying what you’re saying, then what’s the use of even opening your mouth? Really?

Gemma 11:14
Absolutely. I couldn’t agree more. And I think that really leads into a really good point about what this does for your business. So what can improving your speaking skills, your presentation skills? What can that do for a business?

Angela 11:32
Well, the thing is, we all connect, and especially with what’s been happening in the last six months or so, we’re all craving human connection, even more than ever. If you’re not personable, if you’re talking with someone and they can already hear a bit of an inflection in how you’re even you’re presenting yourself or that you’re not confident with what you’re saying, they’re not going to 100% trust you. And it’s really, really important for you to be honest. And for you to be able to have that sense of confidence to present you because your product is you, your business is you, it’s an extension of you, and it really always interests me how much time and effort people put into branding, and copy, and images and all this type of stuff. But yet when I have to speak to someone, or when they have to converse with someone, they’ll almost always do it via email. And having a conversation or looking someone in the eye is so powerful. I think people forget how powerful that connection is.

Gemma 12:46
Absolutely. So then what is the importance of good speaking and presentation? Do you think?

Angela 12:58
The importance is about the fact that it represents who you are. Like simple as that, like even now, I know that this is a podcast and I know the sounds, again, quite superficial. But you know what? I put a little bit of concealer on, and I zhuzhed my hair a little bit. And but you know why? It’s because it’s not even about how I present. It’s how it makes me feel. And I think it’s really important for people to understand that you need to feel good. You need to feel who you are is good as well about how you’re presenting all the way around. Because the way I work, it’s not just about a superficial thing. It’s a holistic thing. You know, and if you’re psychologically not feeling great about yourself, you can be dressed up to the nines, people will be able to see that through all the makeup, all their hair, everything that you’ve got on. So it’s just as important to work through all the other stuff mentally and emotionally. And why that’s important in order for the whole package to shine through.

Gemma 14:08
Absolutely. That’s awesome.

Angela 14:11
I like

Did I even answer the question? I feel like I’m just going for broke right now, I don’t even know.

Gemma 14:19
No, it’s fantastic. So speaking about what it can really do for your business, what is the importance of speaking with confidence so you can really make an impact and speak I guess effectively?

Angela 14:38
Hmm. Well, it’s all about making a connection and forming a relationship.

Gemma 14:45
Mm hmm.

Angela 14:46
That’s the most important thing. And relationships is what builds a company, relationships is what builds a business, relationships is what builds a community and I think that’s something that’s really important is that with this, it’s about building a community, we all put in so much effort about building our business community, but what about our personal community? And how that can influence and collectively kind of create a collaboration all around?

Gemma 15:20
Absolutely. And I know a lot of our listeners are now doing a lot of videos, a lot of things like that. So do you have any tips or key takeaways for everyone that they can improve their presenting whilst being in front of the camera. So we’re thinking specifically about a Facebook Live or an Instagram Live, because I know many business owners want to do these. Because they really do help your business, grow your following, everything like that. But I know a lot of women fear it. So what are some key takeaways and tips you can give our listeners today to improve their Facebook or Instagram lives being in front of a camera?

Angela 16:06
I think the first thing is breathe.

Gemma 16:09
Mm hmm.

Angela 16:10
I think people really forget how important it is to breathe. Like even now, I’m not trying to think about where I’m breathing, but I know that if I want to give out a long sentence, for example, it’s not like I’m breathing here. My second bit of advice to practice is to film yourself and blah and you just continue on with the sentence. It’s really important to know where you’re breathing, even if you’re doing a Facebook Live and the first spiel you’ve actually got written out, put breath marks in. And also practice, oh, my goodness, practice and film yourself as if you were doing that Facebook Live. Because as hard as it is to look at yourself, and also to listen to yourself.

Gemma 16:56
Mm hmm.

Angela 16:57
It’s really difficult. Like, even as a vocalist for over 20 years, I still cringe a little bit when I listen to myself. I won’t lie.

Gemma 17:05
Okay, so good to know that’s totally normal, then!

Angela 17:08
Com-ple-tely normal. Sometimes I listen to myself and I’m like, ‘Really? What was that?’

Gemma 17:15
Yeah. Yeah, totally, relate.

Angela 17:20
But this is something that I think, and this leans into the point, is experimentation, which goes into the practice. When you experiment and when you practice, you’re going to find the best stuff that you can do, but you won’t be able to find that unless you kind of experiment what the worst things are you can do. And I think people forget, in order to get that balance, you’ve got to work through stuff that you really don’t like, that you go ‘Okay, I never want to do that again.’ But how are you going to know that unless you practice it? Because that will come out in a Facebook Live if you don’t know what it is. It’s basically trying to take the guesswork out of it, which is what most of the fear is, is because you’re guessing.

Gemma 17:58
Mm hmm.

Angela 17:59
The more you practice, the more you know, simple.

Gemma 18:03
Absolutely. Fantastic. And can you give some specific tips around, because when we think about Facebook Lives and Instagram Lives, you’re doing them on the spot. So, when you’re recording a video it’s very different, you can practice as much as you can, you can re-record, re-record, re-record right? What are some tips you can give of doing something as a live video to really help drop that overwhelm?

Angela 18:33
I think the thing that I would say is it’s a balance. That you need to be talking as if we’re talking now and having a conversation. But when you’re doing a live, you know, you get all those likes or comments or everything and it’s so easy to get distracted. Because all of a sudden, all these things pop up. You’re like, ‘Oh my goodness, I’m getting this validation happening, what do I do?’ And I think there’s a bit of a balance of going if that does happen, especially if it’s your first Facebook Live, own it. Own it! If you get a little bit distracted and you’re looking at it say, ‘Hey, guys, look, if I’m not 100% paying attention, it’s because I’m distracted by all this amazing love that I’m getting right now. And it’s really fantastic.’ And I think owning that and also knowing that your audience will probably appreciate you more being human and being honest about it. It just makes you more, I don’t know, accessible. It makes you not seem like this intangible person that could be thousands of kilometres away from you, but it actually makes you feel like ‘Oh, they’re actually talking to me.’ And that’s the hardest thing is that and, again as I said, it’s a balance, about knowing that you are talking to one person but you’re also talking to a whole lot of people.

Gemma 19:54
Okay, fantastic. So really owning being human during that live because we all are, right?

Angela 20:01
100% because the thing is, doing a live is like doing a live performance. And people really forget this, that with a live when you’re doing live performance, you can have one crap note that happens. But if you keep going, or own it, no one’s going to remember it. It’s an overall thing. And I think sometimes people want to almost, when their mistakes happen, just they intellectualise it way too much. No one cares half the time honestly. Like, even now with what I’m doing with this podcast, sometimes I’m really, my words flow a lot. And sometimes I stumble. Big deal. That’s me being a human being.

Gemma 20:48
Wonderful. I think those tips are really already going to help people drop that overwhelm. And if you’re the kind of person who really gives yourself a hard time because who’s our big biggest critics? Ourselves, right?

Angela 21:06
Mm hmm.

Gemma 21:07
Right?! Preach!

Angela 21:10
Oh, Praise the Lord!

Gemma 21:16
And I think you can really stumble, because if you know, in your head, you’ve made that mistake, then you’re really going to stop and start giving yourself a bad time, which can lead to panic, which can lead to overwhelm, which can lead to everything. But own it. That is such an awesome thing to know. So thanks for sharing that with us. Just own your mistakes, because we’re all human right?

Angela 21:42
I’m nodding my head so vigorously right now that I think it’s going to fall off my neck like seriously, I cannot tell you, and you know what that comes? Look, I was a classical singer, classical opera singer for many years before I went to musical theatre. The aspiration to be perfect in that world is so overwhelming. So overwhelming! And I think the reason why I didn’t fit into that world for such a long time, is because I knew mistakes were human. I knew that not every phrase was going to be perfect. But if my overall message, and my intention was, that’s was what was important. That’s what the audience listened to. Not if I just had one note that was a little bit wrong. And that’s where that’s come from. But it was a hard lesson to learn. It was a really hard lesson to learn. And it’s the biggest fear that every single person that I see has, is that fear of making a mistake. We all fear it. And I’m here to tell you that from the mistakes, you will find the things that you don’t want and the things that you absolutely do want. But if you don’t make them, you’re never gonna know. And that’s the worst thing for me, that’s my worst fear of never knowing.

Gemma 23:03
Mm hmm.

Angela 23:04
And that’s what should be the fear. It shouldn’t be the fear of making a mistake, it should be the fear of never knowing what you actually could have done.

Gemma 23:10
Absolutely and I think that really, reiterates your point earlier of the practice, the importance of practising and then picking up some things you do, seeing mistakes, as hard as it is to watch yourself, it’s going to just keep improving, right?

Angela 23:27
Yeah. But it’s the same with like, when you’re putting your business together, it’s not going to be perfect straight up, we put the first version out there. And then once we see, and we market it, and we see, we make little adjustments, right?

Gemma 23:40

Angela 23:42
It’s exactly the same with what you do when you’re talking or when you’re doing a live or when you’re doing a video, it will evolve as you will evolve as your skills evolve. And that’s what you need to remember that it’s an evolution, you won’t do it in like three weeks, and all of a sudden, great. It will evolve with your knowledge of it, and your experience of it. And that’s what’s so amazing about it is that you can go from one place and keep growing and growing and growing. And I think that’s really exciting.

Gemma 24:13
Me too, we’re all about growth, right?

Angela 24:16
Right! I’d like not to grow body wise at the moment. I’m trying to shrink that at the moment. Just just putting it out there. So that’s the one place I don’t want to grow, thank you.

Gemma 24:26
Noted. Ange, and finally, what’s one key takeaway you can give our listeners today that’s going to make an impact, something they may not know that they can action straight away?

Angela 24:43
Okay, this is gonna sound weird, but just roll with me. Right?

Gemma 24:47

Angela 24:49
So, whether you’re sitting down or standing up, know where your weight is. That’s a really weird thing to say. Right? But just say even now about how we’re talking, so I’m sitting back a little bit. All of a sudden, now I’m sitting a little bit more forward. Can you hear there’s all of a sudden a little bit of elevation in my voice?

Gemma 25:12
Ah, yes!

Angela 25:13
Yeah, it’s as simple as just moving your weight to find where that energy is. See, I’ve been a little bit back, because this needs to be a little bit more like a conversation. That’s why, but all of a sudden, if I go forward, you can hear there’s a little bit more authority, there’s a little bit more energy in how my voice sounds. And that’s exactly the same when you’re sitting down. If you’re doing a video, or if you’re standing when you’re standing. That is like the most important thing, find where the weight is in your feet. Oh, my goodness, people need to know this. And it’s a really weird tip. But I can tell you right now, it will make a huge difference.

Gemma 25:54
Amazing, so know where your weight is. Love it. Absolutely love it. And Ange, can you tell us where can our listeners find you?

Angela 26:06
Hmm, not my address. Right? Okay, um.

Gemma 26:11
It’s totally up to you!

Angela 26:12
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, it’s all good. The best place to find me is at my Facebook page, which is Angela Lumicisi Performing Artists and Discover Your True Voice Creator.

Gemma 26:26

Angela 26:28
Because I’m doing both still at the moment, so that’s the reason why that title is so long. Or you can find me on Instagram, which is @AngelaLumicisi.

Gemma 26:39
Wonderful, I love it. And what about your final thought for our listeners today? What is Ange’s final thought of the day?

Angela 26:49
Final thought of the day? Just one? That’s not fair? No, I’m joking. Okay, this is what I want the listeners to remember, that you’re unique. Therefore your voice and what you have to say is innately yours and no one else. And that’s what should be heard. No one’s voice is the same. And to me, that is beautiful. And bloody exciting. I’ve got a swear word in.

Gemma 27:21
You did a good job! That was a wonderful key thought, I love it. And that brings us to the end, so absolutely brilliant. That is a wrap.

Angela 27:35

Gemma 27:36

Angela 27:37
No! I want to keep talking!

Gemma 27:43
And as always you amazing kick ass women, fellow work wives, female entrepreneurs, business owners. Remember you’re not alone. Because collaboration is power. And most importantly, we’re all in this together. We’re all on the same journey. And we all get it.