The F Word In Business


Disclaimer: Work Wife Wine Time supports the responsible consumption of alcohol. 

Have we gone mad? Fear grows your business?

Look, we know this may sound ridiculous but stay with us.

Understanding fear in your mind and body means you can use it as a tool to grow your business. But what’s more shocking is you may be feeling fear, and you don’t even know it.

So are you ready to learn how to understand fear so you can grow your business?

Fear is an emotion that is instinctual in us humans. Our brain gives us the emotion of fear, so it can keep us alive if it senses we’re in danger.

Bet you’re thinking, but I’m not in danger. Well, my friend, you’re probably not. But your brain thinks you are. 

In this episode, you’ll learn what fear is and why it’s holding you back from growing your business without you knowing it is.

Why? Because as a female business owner, there is something you’re scared of without knowing. But tuning into the fear means you can understand it, feel the fear and do what you need to do anyway.

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