Keep it Simple, Sister – How to reach your goals and be kind to yourself


Disclaimer: Work Wife Wine Time supports the responsible consumption of alcohol. 

Exhausted already? 

You’re not alone, 

It’s only January and it feels like we’ve had a whole year in 4 weeks. 

This feeling is across the board because we are all exhausted Aussie, in life and business as well.

But you’ve got this because, in this episode, you’ll discover 5 top tips on how to get through 2022 while being kind to yourself. 

👉🏼 Keep it simple

👉🏼 Stare at a  wall

👉🏼 Don’t wait for motivation 

👉🏼 Make a plan, don’t make it up as you go 

👉🏼 Have an accountability buddy (for work and play) 

Listen to this weeks episode to learn how to apply these to your 2022 so you can make it through on top of being exhausted.

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