So You Wanna Work Part Time?


Disclaimer: Work Wife Wine Time supports the responsible consumption of alcohol. 

You’re no less of a business owner if you work part-time.

Is there a reason you want to work part-time while running your business? Great. Guess what? You’re not failing as an entrepreneur, you’re moving forward in your business in a different way. And you get to decide what your business looks like. 

If you’re struggling with the idea of working part-time while running your business, you’re not alone. 

In this episode discover reasons why working part time as an employee benefits the growth of your business as the kick-ass entrepreneur that you are.

You feel you “should” work full-time in your business and not go “backwards.” 

Yet, working part time while growing and advancing your business can help it move forward. 

Join Dora, Gemma and Mikala as they discuss working part-time and running their businesses. Mikala and Dora talk about the benefits it provides and how it’s helped them focus on their businesses in different ways.

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