How to Become Fadeproof


Disclaimer: Work Wife Wine Time supports the responsible consumption of alcohol. 

Join Mikala as she chats with Professional Communicator and Personal Stylist, Suzy Cooper, and they delve into the concept of being “fadeproof” and how to regain confidence in your personal style.

They discuss the core principles of a timeless and authentic style that can withstand ever-changing fashion trends and societal pressures.

Suzy suggests practical steps to help you rediscover your unique style identity and regain confidence in your appearance.

But, does she advocate for everyone to stop wearing black? Tune in to find out…

As someone who gets a glimpse inside many people’s wardrobes, Suzy shares common challenges people face in curating their wardrobes and selecting outfits that truly represent them.

They also address a sensitive topic, the intersection of feminism of personal appearance and discuss the idea that some women feel ashamed for prioritizing their appearance, and whether this perception is compatible with feminist ideals.

If you’ve ever felt like your personal style is fading or becoming less authentic, this is the episode for you.

Learn more about Suzy on her website www.suzycooper.com.au

Learn more about Suzy on her website www.suzycooper.com.au. or follow her on socials…